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27 Apr 2024, 10:00 – 18:00 EEST
National Library of Lithuania,
Gedimino pr. 51, 01109 Vilnius, Lithuania

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2024 april 27
13:00 - 15:15 EEST

2024 theme:
is it kind?

What if designers first asked, is it kind? What if the measure of design was how well it cared for people and their relationships rather than how profitable it was? The International Design Day theme for 2024, ‘is it kind?’ is about building kindness into design practice.

2024 actions

Below are some kickstart ideas on how to participate in International Design Day 2024

01 Attend IDD 2024 event in Vilnius

Design and designs have many ways of interacting with people. On 27 April we invite design organisations, collective initiatives and design communities to ignite a conversation with other fields around the design-provoking question ‘is it kind?’ Instead of designers talking about design, we ask designers to invite guests from outside of the design profession to give their take on building kindness into design practice. We are talking about philosophers, researchers, anthropologists, sociologists, psychologists, biologists (and more!) whose distinct approaches, methodologies and tools might be used directly, or adapted to design processes. How do other professionals learn about, include and measure humanity and the environment? How might we cross- pollinate knowledge bases, better understand the challenges designers face and the wider impact of design decisions, and develop more ethical and inclusive design processes? Following this approach, the Lithuanian Design Association (LDA), this year's partner for International Design Day 2024, will host its own event: a local conference broadcast online through livestream in which speakers from social, philosophical and biological fields will respond to the design-provoking question ‘is it kind?' and share their views and tools to enable designers to have more conscious processes. Stay tuned to the International Council of Design and International Design Day channels for more details!

02 Events around the theme 

We encourage you to create events around this theme. These could be digital events like live interviews, conferences, talks streamed via social media or in-person meetings, discussions, or workshops. Be sure to tag us on social media so we may share your event with our online community.

03 Discuss and share ideas on social media 

We encourage you to post about issues relating to the theme on social media (Instagram, Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), LinkedIn), including how you have adapted professionally to build kindness into your design practice. To help, you can consider these questions: — Is your design kind? — Which existing systems prevent kind designing? — How could you build kindness more meaningfully into your practice? — How would you differentiate design that barely meets ethical standards from design that embodies kindness? — What kind of metrics could be used to show the ‘successes’ of kind design? Post and tag us so that we can see and share your conversations. Posts can include personal experiences or vision, issues in the headlines that highlight the impacts on or of design, design projects that show the potential for design to impact an improvement on everyday life for people and imagined futures. Please note that the use of the ICoD logo is not permitted without the approval of ICoD.

 Here’s how to submit: — Instagram: tag @internationaldesignday #IDD2024 #isitkind — Facebook: join the IDD Group and post your stories
 — X (formerly Twitter): tag @theicod #IDD2024 *Please note that only posts that follow the IDD2024 theme, ‘is it kind?’ will be shared.

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